Competent Authority & Administrator,
NDPS Act 1985 & SAFEM (FOP) Act 1976, New Delhi


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There are four offices of Competent Authority & Administrator in India for carrying out forfeiture of properties of drug traffickers under NDPS Act 1985 and of Smugglers under SAFEM(FOP) Act 1976.
The forfeiture of illegally acquired properties is done under NDPS ACT 1985 & SAFEM (FOP)A 1976 by the Competent Authority. Under NDPS Act investigating departments like Police, Customs, Central Excise, DRI etc are empowered to initiate forfeiture proceedings , under SAFEM ( Fop) A 1976 the forfeiture proceedings is initiated by the Competent Authority in association with Customs
The procedure as laid down under NDPS Act 1985 requires the investigating officers to seize illegally acquired properties of drug offenders. The seizure of properties may be done as per directions and guidance if any issued by the Competent Authority.
Any transfer of the properties against which forfeiture proceedings are going on is null and avoid as per law. The buyers must ensure that the property which they are going to buy is not under any forfeiture proceeding.
Jurisdiction Of the Four Offices of Competent Authority Administration
Notification Showing Commercial & Small Quantity of Narcotics
Draft Seizing/Freezing Order Under NDPS Act
Point to be Checked Before Seizing/Freezing Properties Under NDPS Act
Forfiture Under SAFEM (FOP) Act


The freezing and forfeiture of properties of drug traffickers started in big cases by several drug enforcement agencies. Maximum number of cases booked by Punjab Police. Haryana Police is following the trend. IGI Airport Delhi Customs seized properties of several drug couriers.
There is no auction and tender at current.